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A second generous group of donors has stepped forward to increase our Challenge Grant to  $102,000--which effectively doubles any gift given by June 30 to help reach our $850,000 financial year-end goal. Your gift today, when paired with the Challenge Grant, goes even further to lead more men and women around the world forward in a relationship with Christ!

These are people like Anne. She wrote us recently to say,

"I have been blessed in countless ways because of goTandem. It seems like every message is straight from my heavenly Father. My prayer time is much more meaningful, and I'm more in touch with my love and forgiveness for others, and my willingness to be led by my Savior, Jesus."

    It's awesome to be able to lead people like Anne forward in their relationship with Jesus. But the truth is, meeting our $850,000 goal is critical to ensuring we can continue sharing God's truth with those who so desperately need it.

    So please give below and be sure to request Everyday Finances for the Everyday Family.

    Thank you for giving generously to help match the Challenge Grant, knowing that your gift will go even further to impact more lives with the transforming power of God's Word!



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