Equip churches with digital discipleship—and lead more people forward in Christ

Amazing life transformations happen when people regularly read their Bible.

That's why hundreds of churches and organizations worldwide are asking for a customized version of Back to the Bible's goTandem digital discipleship app to minister to their church and community--just like Washington from Ecuador did for those in his rehab center's program who struggle with sexual addiction:

"The [goTandem] application has helped us a lot because one can generate that routine of having daily devotionals Now with the technology at hand, with smart phones, it is very easy to get a message from the application, 'Do not forget to do your devotional.'

"Thanks to all the sponsors. This app has really been very helpful because it is helping to expand our ministry, to reach more people and for God to bless them."

Churches and organizations are waiting for this life-changing technology--but they can't get it without your support.

Through the $100,000 Challenge Grant, your gift will be worth twice as much to equip many more churches and organizations with effective and customized digital discipleship that leads more people forward in their spiritual journey.

Mission Precision by David Platt

To thank you for your gift, we'll send you a copy of David Platt's book, Mission Precision, to help you impact this generation for Christ through eight core truths from Scripture.

Please give today and request your copy of Mission Precision right now. And thank you for your support that will help more people move closer to Jesus through God's Word!

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