Ethiopia crusade leaders ready to equip the next generation digitally

Most of Ethiopia's population is under the age of 30, so it's critical to engage a young culture through the latest technology.

We've launched a new personalized discipleship app to follow up with those who attend our evangelistic crusade (TESFA--which means HOPE) on July 18th.

Watch the video from crusade leaders--and see how this new app opens up long-term opportunities to follow up with and disciple the next generation in their faith journey!

We're expecting to reach at least 5,000 young Ethiopians who are searching for hope, as well as 1,500 pastors, at this groundbreaking event.

Your help is needed to meet the $80,000 target that makes our first-ever crusade possible in Ethiopia.

So please give your best gift today!

On behalf of the churches and our partners on the ground in Ethiopia, thank you! It's your generosity that makes it possible to lead the next generation forward to become a powerful force for Christ.

$5 minimum donation required for online gifts



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