Defend yourself when Satan attacks

It's not a question of if Satan will target your faith. It's a question of when.

He'll do everything he can to keep you from following Christ. That's why believers must be ready to combat the devil's deceptions when he strikes.

In Warren Wiersbe's powerful book, The Strategy of Satan: How to Detect and Defeat Him, you'll learn:

  • The areas in your life that Satan targets.
  • The weapons he uses to attack you.
  • The purpose he wants to achieve.
  • The defenses God has provided for you.

The Strategy of Satan

Because The Strategy of Satan is vital for your spiritual protection, we want to send you a copy as our way of saying thanks for your best gift.

Request your copy when you give to help share God's Word with our needy world--and prepare yourself to stand firm in your faith when Satan attacks!


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