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Counter Culture by David Platt

Battle lines are being drawn everywhere we turn--in our schools, workplaces, homes, even our churches. People are taking sides on the most controversial issues of our day.

This is our moment. As Christians, we must side with Christ on everything in every way.

To equip you, we're excited to offer Counter Culture by David Platt, New York Times bestselling author and Back to the Bible's new teacher. This book is our way of saying thanks for your best gift today.

In this newly revised and updated edition, David writes ...

"I am convinced that every professing Christian in any such [anti-Christian] culture has two clear options: retreat or risk.... Neutrality is not a possibility. Either we retreat from Christ or from the culture, or we risk following Christ by countering the culture. And risk is the right word."

Counter Culture gives you practical tips to engage in difficult conversations and speak the truth in love--just like Jesus did.

So request your copy when you give, and thank you for helping others move forward in their relationship with Jesus!

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